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Video: 1958 Speech by Robert Welch – Founder of the John Birch Society

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They say hindsight is 20/20. Do you thing Mr. Welch’s foresight was 20/20?


Property Tax Relief

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Presently, there are various categories of property tax relief which are applicable at different stages of income period to provide some leverage to the owners during their vulnerable income days. The tax relief works according to its category, differently every time in separate cases.

The various kinds of property tax relief, which is applicable at different situations. The categories are listed below for your reference.

Property tax relief for Senior Citizens – This particular tax relief is meant for those who have retired from their job and have a low income to meet the tax payments. Earlier they were able to pay as they had a good income out of their work but after retirement that part has emaciated. In this phase the senior citizens pay more for their health related issues as well other related expenses, so the tax relief on properties provides them lots of ease and reprieve.

Property tax relief for first time home buyers – There is another great piece of benefit provided to the first time home buyers where they are exempted from property taxes and also offered discounts, which can be included in the income tax. Usually, the first time buyers often purchases a new property to settle with their family to establish themselves that made the government to come up with the tax relief option and also to encourage the home loan services as well as the construction business.

Property tax relief for low income tax payers – There are also people that have low income even if not retired. For those with a low income there are also tax relief solutions. Just like with senior citizens, people with low income cannot afford high taxes since they need their income to cope with other expenses. Recognizing this fact, the government provides reductions on property tax for those who can show proof of a low income that wouldn’t otherwise let them afford the full tax returns.

Property tax relief for individual income tax payers – This one is particularly for the people who does not have a sustainable income and belongs to the category individual tax payers who are excused from the property tax. At the time they pay their income taxes, they are offered a refund of taxes in the form of tax relief. This is a great way to support and control the lower income group of the country by returning them back a substantial amount, cut from their taxes.

Statistics suggests that there is high percentage of uncollected credit being lined up with the government. It is either due to the fact, that people still is not aware of its guidelines or they did not bother to apply so as to take back the refunds. Property tax relief for long term owners – The long term possessors of the property are also allowed some tax relief on the money they pay for their taxes. Although there is difference in the regulations as well in the allowance of the tax reduction between long terms owners and the first time buyers.