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Moving on a Budget – Using Private Van Services

June 20, 2011

save money movingWe’ve all been there. You are planning moving day, whether it’s to your new home, you new office, or bringing a child to university. A simple car rental isn’t enough, you need more space. You call local moving companies to inquire about rates, and feel the blood drain from your face. These companies can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to provide a truck, a few men, and labor.

Not in your budget? If you looking to move and save some money, I`d highly recommend using a man with a van service. These services are often independently operated, with just one or a few men. And they own their own vans. Of course, their rates will be significantly lower than the large moving companies.

Since saving money is important, you should have a good understanding of how a man with van service will operate. Some will provide an hourly rate, while others will try to secure a fixed price for the entire job. If you think the job is relatively small, than an hourly rate may save you the most money. However, if your move requires significant driving (which could be influenced by things like the route taken or traffic) then getting a fixed price is the safest way to go.

Remember, using a man and van is a safe approach to help save you money. While loading and unloading the van is often included, some packing services provided by larger companies usually won`t be. Divide your items into organized boxes that can be lifted easily, and be sure to label those boxes clearly with fragile items. In order to save you the most money, you want the time you are paying the man to be spent just loading the van, driving, and unloading.

You may be considering enlisting the help of family of friends with your moving job, in order to save money. A professional man and van service has several advantages over this approach. Despite being an independent worker, a man with a van will have experience in lifting and moving. This not only keeps your possessions safer during the move, but creates a much lower risk of injury associated with lifting.

To make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, professional help really is necessity. However, when you`re trying to save money or restricted by a tight budget, a man with a van service offers the perfect balance between luxury and affordability.

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