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2010 Financial Goals- 6 Month Check up

July 1, 2010

At the beginning of the year, I posted our 2010 Financial goals. I figured I’ll do a 6 month check up because that’s better than waiting until say, September, and realize that we’re failing miserably on our goals. Not cool. Here are the goals we set for ourselves:

Goal #1: Pay off at least $3,500 in principal on our mortgage. To date, we’ve paid off $1028.66. I think we’re a little behind, but much closer than I thought we would be!

Goal #2: Raise my 401k contribution to 10%. Um, I think I’m contributing 6% right now?!  I need to just do this.  All it will take is the click of my mouse.

Goal #3: Pay off our car loan. We are well on our way to paying off this debt!  Only about $1500 left.

Goal #4: Come up with a budget and stick to it.  Uh… yeah… still hasn’t happened.

I wanted to set realistic goals so that they were reasonable.  I think we are doing pretty well so far.

How are your financial goals coming along?  Are you still working on paying off debt, or are you in the saving money phase?

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