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Stressed About Money?

June 27, 2010

Sometimes I think that I have an obsession with money. I work at a bank, blog about personal finance, and need money to live.  Needless to say, sometimes I get tired of thinking about money.  Thinking about the amount of money I need to save gets to be a chore, and can be stressful. I have to work hard to realize that we have enough money and that we’ll be fine.  We’re doing everything we can to live frugally and save as much money as possible.

Sometimes I feel like giving up.  We work hard at trying to live on one paycheck so that it’s easier for me to be a stay at home mom when the time comes (if we can figure out health insurance.  We were on vacation last week and I worried about how much money we were spending.  A lot of the time spending money stresses me out, even if it’s for necessities.  I hate paying a lot of money for a huge electric bill, for example.

Here are some solutions I’ve come up with to stop stressing about money.

1. Realize that no matter how much money we make, it will never seem like enough.  Learn to be happy with what we have and keep plugging away at our financial goals.

2. Follow a good budget and stick with it. This will help eliminate stress when spending money.

3. Don’t get into more debt.

4. Make Mr. Money handle the finances (kidding… only slightly!)

5. Work on increasing side income.  The more diversified we are in income streams, the better.

Those are all good ideas that will help keep me from stressing about money.

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